Civil Design Services


UEG provides a wide array of municipal engineering services; including project development and management, design, and construction oversight, for all types of projects. We provide comprehensive civil engineering services, including project development and management, design and construction oversight, for all types of projects.  Our experience includes site development, public and private utility systems, drainage and hydraulic studies, parks and SWPPP design, roads, transit and street-scape improvement projects.

Transportation Services


We provide a full range of planning and design services related to the improvement of roadway systems.  Our staff has worked with our clients to develop new roadways, reconstructions, and grade separations.  Our service-focused approach to public roadway projects stems from our extensive experience with private sector roadway development.  Our work is enhanced by the latest in analysis and design software for geometric design, earthwork quantities, cost estimating, and traffic management systems.

Traffic Services


We provide a wide range of traffic engineering services that include traffic impact and parking studies, traffic simulation and modeling, master planning, traffic projections, traffic signals, roadway illumination, signing and pavement marking, and traffic control plans.   Our staff has experience working in both urban and rural environments, with a specialty in working in congested urban environments like business districts and infield developments.

Utility Design Services


We provide utility design services for numerous entities. UEG staff have completed preliminary investigations, performed utility research, prepared design reports, coordinated with such entities as TxDOT, Dallas Parks & Recreation, DART and TRE, and completed design plans for over 300,000 linear feet of water and wastewater utility main rehabilitation and replacement in the Dallas area for Dallas Water Utilities (DWU).

Design Build


We have the experience of working on three design build projects.  The first project was with KSWRP (Kiewit, Stacy & Witbeck, Reyes, & Parsons) joint venture team working on the DART Orange Line expansion project (approx. 7.5 miles) towards DFW airport.  UEG is providing traffic, utility, demolition and ROW design services.  The second is with ABR (Austin Bridge & Road) Team for DART’s Blue Line expansion project to the City of Rowlett.  UEG is providing traffic engineering, illumination, traffic studies, signal timing and roadway design services.  And the third is on the North Tarrant Expressway project with OTHON/BBC.  UEG is providing traffic engineering services.



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